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Waste-free challenge - January 2019

My husband and I have been striving toward this decision for quite some time, and even though we have already cut down substantially on the amount of waste we produce, more can still be done. This is why - from tomorrow (01.01.2019), we will start our waste-free month. We will, of course, try to extend it indefinitely, but one baby step at a time.

I will publish daily updates on my Instagram account (icon on the right) with waste-free options we have found in London and elsewhere. Not everything is easy to find, but I'm sure that with the combined help of google and friends, we will keep those mason jars nice and empty.

Our main priority is to cut out non-recyclable waste and reduce recyclable packaging. We've already pinpointed quite a few places to buy package-free, where you can take your jars and bags. Riverford is where we buy most of our food, and this spring, we plan on making our vegetable patch in the garden to eat more homegrown food. Composting food waste is also on the agenda.

Mason Jars prepared for our 2019 waste-free challenge

The Mason Jars are a way for us to keep tabs on how much waste we are still using. We will collect all non-recyclable waste, and at the end of the month, think about what more we can do to keep it out of next month's collection.

Rules of the game:

  • We fill up our jars

  • Any products we already have lying around the house are not considered. We will dispose of these in the best possible way.

  • We do not take medical waste into account.

  • Our son and all non-human babies are excluded from this challenge. Even though I would love to be able to afford waste-free cat food, it is pretty impossible at the moment. As for our teenager, hopefully, sheer inspiration will work its magic.

  • Work-related waste is also excluded; although we will do our best to curb plastic, it's not always up to us.

The last thing to do is sit down with friends and family to talk them through this resolution. They will have to get more creative with their presents for us :)

Here's to a waste-free 2019!!!!

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