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Design WakeUp!

  • Role: Co-founder

  • Project: Creating a design community

  • Duration: 2021-2023

  • Location: London, United Kingdom

Design | UX | Strategy | Research | Business Development | Marketing | Social Media | Writing


Design WakeUp! was aimed at fostering a community where individuals could engage in discussions, share knowledge, and learn from one another about the application of design principles in various management areas, thereby enhancing professionalism and organisational effectiveness. As a Co-founder, I played a key role in conceptualising and implementing this project, which encompassed a range of multimedia content including blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

For every podcast episode, we initiated a targeted social media campaign. This involved crafting a complementary blog post addressing the episode's theme, which was subsequently published on our website and promoted across platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram. Additionally, we produced a corresponding video for YouTube. Furthermore, we created a "goodie bag" containing content tailored for our audience, which we distributed via Instagram and Twitter. This content was designed to resonate with individuals seeking practical insights and inspiration to enhance their professional journey.


Design WakeUp! served as a vibrant hub for professionals seeking to leverage design methodologies to drive innovation and improve business practices. Through a diverse array of content formats, including blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos, our platform facilitated insightful discussions, provided practical insights, and inspired actionable strategies for integrating design thinking into management processes.

Our community-centric approach encouraged active participation and collaboration, fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing. By leveraging social media channels effectively, we achieved significant engagement and built a loyal following of like-minded individuals passionate about harnessing the power of design to drive positive change in their respective industries.


Established a community focused on applying design principles in management.

Produced engaging multimedia content, including blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

Achieved notable engagement and growth through social media channels.


  • Cultivated a community of professionals dedicated to advancing their skills and knowledge in design thinking.

  • Generated meaningful discussions and insights contributing to individual growth and organisational effectiveness.

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