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The Studio

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  • Role: Interactive Studio Manager | Creative Client Engagement SME | UX Designer

  • Project: Delivering an interactive client engagement suite

  • Duration: 2017-2020

  • Location: London, United Kingdom

UX Research | Service Design | Strategy | Design Thinking | Workshop Facilitation| Business Development

The Studio was a groundbreaking project that I spearheaded as a UX designer within Capita, aimed at creating an innovative collaborative client engagement suite. In collaboration with Engageworks and our facilities project manager, I played a pivotal role in shaping the user experience design to ensure the space met the diverse needs of potential users across the organisation.


The Studio project was a testament to the transformative power of design thinking in shaping user experiences and fostering collaboration. From its inception as a UX design initiative to its evolution into a dynamic client engagement suite, the journey was filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. As Interactive Studio Manager, I witnessed firsthand the impact of our efforts in driving innovation and creating meaningful experiences for our clients and stakeholders. The Studio not only addressed a critical organisational need but also positioned us as pioneers in client engagement and innovation, setting a new standard for excellence in our industry.

As the project evolved, my involvement extended beyond initial UX design contributions. I worked closely with Engageworks and our facilities project manager to translate conceptual designs into functional reality. This involved extensive collaboration with stakeholders across the organisation to ensure the space was fit for purpose and aligned with our vision of innovation and professionalism.

The Studio redefined client engagement by providing a dynamic and interactive environment for workshop-style events. Equipped with cutting-edge features such as a gigantic touchscreen, movable breakout screens, ambient lighting, dial-in options, and versatile furniture, the Studio facilitated innovative collaboration sessions and collision workshops.

My role as Interactive Studio Manager involved implementing creative collaboration techniques and design thinking methodologies into workshop design. This included facilitating brainstorming sessions, co-creating workshop agendas with clients, and integrating interactive exercises to stimulate creativity and problem-solving. I also provided coaching and guidance to users throughout the design process, helping shape their inputs in line with the technology and ethos of the center.

Our goal was to address the problem statement of lacking a dedicated space for client engagement sessions, which had previously hindered our ability to showcase our innovative capabilities. The Studio not only met this need but exceeded expectations, positioning us as leaders in client engagement and innovation within our industry.


Led the design and development of an innovative collaborative client engagement suite.

Collaborated closely with external partners and internal stakeholders to ensure the space met user needs and organisational objectives.

Transformed our image from perceived as uninnovative to being best in class in client engagement.


  • Successfully established the Studio as a premier destination for interactive workshop-style events.

  • Enhanced our professional image and credibility, increasing client interest and securing more work opportunities.

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