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  • Role: Creative Director and Co-founder

  • Project: Innovative Web Platform for Young Writers and Online Magazine

  • Duration: 2014-2017

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland | London, United Kingdom

UX | Service Design | Strategy | UI | Product Development | Marketing

Flamingo-present.gif was a pioneering web service that revolutionised the landscape of online content creation by seamlessly blending the dynamic elements of a blog with the curated appeal of a magazine. As Creative Director and Co-founder, I spearheaded the development of this platform, which provided an unprecedented level of interaction between writers (known as "Blagers") and their audience.

lama.gif offered an innovative platform where users could not only consume content but actively participate in its creation. Writers crafted engaging articles and multimedia content while users had the unique opportunity to influence the direction of the narrative, propose ideas for new materials, and track the progress of their favourite Blagers in real time. This two-way engagement fostered a vibrant community of creators and enthusiasts alike, redefining the traditional model of online publishing.

As the Creative Director, I played a pivotal role in designing the entire site, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Collaborating closely with developers, I translated conceptual ideas into functional features, maintaining a delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and technical feasibility. This hands-on approach allowed for the seamless integration of innovative functionalities, enhancing the platform's overall utility and appeal.

Moreover, served as a catalyst for creative exploration, inspiring the development of various spin-off features that enriched the user experience. From BlagMaps, empowering users to discover and share recommended paths to local hotspots, to BlagChallenge, a platform where users could directly engage with their favourite Blagers, each feature was meticulously designed to foster deeper connections and foster a sense of belonging within the community.

One of the main achievements of was the launch of BlagMag, an online magazine available in three languages (Polish, English, Spanish) that captivated audiences with its animated content and diverse range of topics. 


Pioneered a revolutionary platform of online content creation.

Developed a suite of innovative features that empowered users to actively participate in the creative process.

Published a multilingual, animated online magazine that captivated audiences.


  • Cultivated a vibrant community of creators and enthusiasts, fostering meaningful interactions and collaborations.

  • Inspired the development of numerous spin-off platforms and features, further enriching the digital landscape.

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