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How do you navigate the ambiguous world of job titles in Design?

Article co-authored with Simon Ker

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There are a lot of different job titles for designers these days, which can be confusing for people just starting out in the industry. Some of the most common job titles are illustrator, UI designer, UX designer, and graphic designer, but many others. The best way to understand which titles are most appropriate for you is to talk to other designers, especially those in your network with similar backgrounds and experiences. When you do this, you'll learn what's most important to them, and you'll be able to tailor your job search to the best fit.

Job titles in the industry can be bewildering, but understanding the skills required to get the job will help you land the job you want. Industry professionals use a variety of job titles, including vernacular job titles like data visualisation designer, front-end web designer and PowerPoint designer. They also use technical job titles like UX, UI and visual designer. When looking for a job, it's essential to understand what kind of job title is required to achieve the goals and responsibilities you have in mind.

The job market for design has never been better, with an abundance of job openings and plenty of talented designers to choose from. But with so many job titles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Which design titles are the most in-demand? Which ones are less common but still have a place in the industry? These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself.

The job titles we use to describe people's jobs can be a confusing way to navigate the employment market. For example, some employers might call a front-end developer, and others will call a web designer. And it's not just the names of the jobs that are unclear, but also what roles each title refers to. Definitions of job titles help clarify what different positions entail. Using clear and consistent job titles is the best way to classify the roles of varying job titles.

Knowing precisely what the position entails can be confusing when looking for a job. You want to make sure that the job you are applying for is the right fit for you and that you will be able to learn and grow in the role. You also want to know what the company culture is like and what opportunities and career progression there are within the company. Orientation is an opportunity to better understand what the job entails and a great chance to meet the people who will be working with you throughout your career at the company.

If you're looking for a job with essential design elements, you want to ensure the title reflects that. If the job doesn't include the word 'designer', there's a good chance it doesn't involve any designing duties. This is something to pay close attention to when you are job hunting. Not only will it help you narrow down your search, but it will also help you identify if the position you are considering is a good fit for you. If the job title you are applying for is not intuitive and does not reflect the job's duties, it may be a sign that you should not take the job, regardless of how attractive it is or how much money is offered.

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